Tips For Maintenance & Copier Repair In New York And New Jersey

It is indeed rare to find an office function effortlessly without any of its equipment malfunctioning periodically. An office is sure to be equipped with a printer and copier along with a number of other tools that make handling the day to day jobs easier. However, it is also necessary to invest in one of the top 3D printers in New York and New Jersey today. Technology happens to be the name of the game and harnessing it at the right time is definite to help a business move forward.

True, the most modern and ultra sensitive gadgets are usually treated with kid gloves but the humble copier is certainly not one them. Taking care of the most used devices and having a maintenance schedule for each is sure to go a long away in avoiding calling for services pertaining to copier repair in New York and New Jersey. Cleaning and maintaining it properly is definite to enhance its life thereby saving the office a hefty sum of money for repairs.

How to ensure good service from the office copier?

  • Almost all electrical / electronic gadgets require a few minutes to warm up after the user presses the start button. It will be helpful to do a test run especially if the copier had been lying unused for a long time.

  • A copier that has not been functioning for long will go into the sleep mode. It is advisable to check the settings and set the right mode just before hitting the ‘copy’ button.

  • Checking the stack of papers and removing the jammed ones needs to be a regular job for the individual who uses it the most.

  • Being impatient and pressing the copy button repeatedly will not help matters though. It is best to allow the machine to handle the job instead of trying to speed it up unnecessarily.

  • It is not going to work if the tray is filled over its capacity with papers. Checking the copier for indications is definitely best way to ensure efficacy without any major issues.

  • It is important to use a good quality of paper for copying. The entire stack of papers needs to be of a similar standard as well. Adding papers of varying thickness and in diverse sizes will affect the quality of the copies adversely.

  • It is imperative to have smooth and perfectly aligned sheets in the tray. Adding wrinkled paper will cause jamming and malfunctioning of the device. Similarly, papers that stick together due to humidity are likely to result in ineffective copies. It might help to have a fan placed at a distance so the papers remain aired and free of humidity.

  • It makes sense to follow the prompts on the screen when trying to get rid of a paper jam. Simply tearing through the machine will end up destroying it prompting the office to seek the services of a copier repair professional.

It is advisable to clean the glass from time to time as well. A dirty glass is likely to result in black ugly lines on the copies as well as the scans.


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