How to take care of copy machines in New York and New Jersey

Copiers are literally the workhorses of any office. While huge volume, traditional copiers last longer than the desktop version, their longevity mainly depends on their make, model and capacity. Irrespective of when you buy a copy machine, you must make sure you’re getting the best return on your investment.

Here are some easy tips that you can follow to increase lifespan of copy machines in New York and New Jersey.

  • Keep it in a favorable location– You must keep the copy machine away from a place where there is a chance of drastic temperature changes like near doors, windows, air conditioners and heaters or somewhere where the machine may be exposed to direct sunlight. Also try to avoid keeping the machine in high traffic areas of the workplace. Frequent foot traffic can keep up dust and other particles which may get into the copier and thus damage its performance.

  • Replace ink and toner promptly–Even if the copier seems to be good, you should change the ink and toner once the light comes on. And if you don’t, the developer may wear out quickly and even wreck the drum. So make sure you make necessary changes as soon as you see the light.

  • Mind the paper – If your copy machine is kept in a dusty or humid office space, you can hardly expect it to work at optimal level. As such, keep paper stored until you require using it. And this way you can prevent at least some moisture from getting into the inside of the copy machine.

  • Fix jams straightaway–Paper jams can be a real pain; so fix them as soon as possible. Leaving jam there for extended period of time (overnight or even more) may cause dust and moisture to accumulate in the machine and badly affect its performance. After you remove the paper, be sure to have a can of compressed air handy. And this way you can blow out tiny dust particles from the copy machine and prevent them from getting stuck inside the machine.

  • Go for a Monday maintenance – It would be a good idea to go for an easy and quick Monday maintenance program. Replace old paper with dry and fresh paper instead. Once done, give a quick look to ensure that there is no paper jam and let the machine go through a Monday morning warm up. The entire process takes only 2 to 3 minutes while it can result in remarkable cost saving over long haul.

  • Keep the lid down – You must not keep the lid of copy machine open as it can severely reduce the longevity of the drum and that can be really expensive to replace. Keeping the lid down prevents foreign objects from getting into the copier or scratching the glass.

These are just some of many precautions that you can adopt to keep your copier long lasting. However, if you find any severe problem with the copier, don’t procrastinate to call copier repairs in New Jersey and New York service provider to get the problem fixed.


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