Increase Your Efficiency At Half The Cost By Opting For Used Copiers In New York

Businesses seldom survive without copiers in spite of adding ultra modern state-of-the-art technological wonders with every passing day. However, the age old photo copy machine of yesteryear is passé particularly the Analog copier and almost every company now opts for a sleek looking, streamlined photo copier machine that can keep up with the times. You will have plenty of choices once you check out the variety by inquiring about the details from a copier dealer in New Jersey. The list is worthy of note.

Types of Copiers Available

  • Digital– This is a unique technological tool adept at multitasking. It is certainly a boon for office users as it not only photo copies but can also help you to fax, scan, and print at the same time. A single digital copier is enough to fulfill all office functions at the touch of a button. It is exceedingly easy to operate as well, making it one of the best machines to buy.

  • Desktop– These are highly efficient when there is a single operator operating the machine from his / her desktop. The size of the copier is convenient for placing on a table or desk and the functions may be single or multi depending on the brand and model. These copiers are adapted to accept A4 sized papers only though; the kind usually used in office document printouts.

  • Monochrome– Opting for a monochrome copier is not unheard of even in today. It is cost effective and can handle large volumes of paper in an office that does not deal with color too much. With the ability to copy up to 100 pages per minute, this tool is much in demand by big business houses.

  • Color– This type is preferred by publishing houses and art related businesses where churning out color copies happen to be the norm. However, these machines are equally efficient in making mono chrome copies. It tends to be somewhat bulky due to the inclusion of 4 drums as well as 4 color cartridges & toner reservoirs. The 4 primary colors are mixed to create a number of hues depending on the original file.

  • Multi functional– These are quite similar to a digital copier and can perform several tasks including printing, faxing & scanning. That is not all though! These machines may have an additional feature of accessing the Internet and many offices use this feature to scan copies and send them via emails. Complete document management is possible once such a machine is installed. Most manufacturers and business enterprises are keen on using it. However, it is not inexpensive and many small to medium businesses go for used copiers in New York in order to streamline their office tasks.

  • Network– This machine can be connected to a network that allows for remote printing & copying. PC faxing is yet another function that can be handled via this type of copier. Almost all digital and multi functional machines come equipped with this feature.


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