Fix Your Office Machines By Contacting The Right Professional For Xerox Repair New Jersey

Water is akin to life. Strangely, it is drinking water that is responsible for a whole spate of diseases though. Having your body filled with microbes that may have entered your body via drinking water is not pleasant. It is imperative to install water coolers in New York or any other city that you live in therefore. A cooler that has a proper purification system and happens to be cost effective will not only help you to enjoy life but will also keep you free of diseases and properly hydrated.

Do we actually get to drink purified water on 365 days of the year? Do stop awhile and read through the following check list to ensure that the water in your cooler is not contaminated in any way.

Do’s & Donts of Using a Water Cooler

  • Selecting the proper cooler is important. Do conduct a research and buy the best one. Ensure that the water output is matched with the capacity of the cooler before you start using it.

  • Make sure that there is no possibility of stagnant water remaining stored in the cooler. Do opt for water cooler that includes an anti-microbial pad along with UV protection.

  • Do remember to contact the maintenance team for cleaning & servicing the cooler at regular intervals. It might be a great idea to keep the date recorded in order to ensure proper purification of water.

  • Do not drink or let others drink directly from the outlet of the cooler.

  • Do not attempt to clean the water cooler yourself with soaps and dish washing liquids.

  • Report any change in the taste of water immediately to the service provider.

  • Do not keep it disconnected from the electrical source.

Copier machines are definitely a must-have in every office even in this age of heightened technology. It is therefore imperative to keep the contact details of a technician handy who undertakes xerox repair New Jersey. While some of the problems can get resolved automatically, others require a professional repair person to look into it. The most common issues that may arise with your photocopy machine occasionally happen to be:

  • Paper jamming – This can be caused by improper loading of the paper or pulling it out forcefully. Using a size that is not meant for the copier in question may also result in a problem

  • Printing is slow

  • Printing is jagged or partial resulting in wrinkling of the pages. This may be caused by the wear and tear of the rollers

  • Images on the copy are blurry and not recognizable

  • Ink level low / no ink- While this may be corrected by refilling the cartridge, it may also occur when the ink type or cartridge is incompatible with the copier

  • Unclean heads and rollers- Thorough cleaning is recommended

  • Malfunction of drums or drum blade may result in lines on the copy. This may also be caused by the presence of a foreign substance within the machine.


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